March 14, 2018

Episode N64 - As You Like

Chris, Kinnon, and Tim talk India, Road Rash, late stage capitalism, and cabaret clubs.


-Top 10 Indian Video Games


Games: -Monster Hunter World (PS4) - Heavy Bowgun/Dual Blade discussion -Human Fall Flat (Switch) - Gang Beasts-style platformer -Archangel (PSVR) -Dragon Ball FighterZ (PS4)

Movies: -Jane (docu) - fine


Games: -Into the Breach (Steam/PC) -Magical Drop 3 (Switch) -Dragon Quest Builders (Switch) -Sprint Vector (PCVR)


Games: -Monster Hunter World (PS4) - Switch Axe -Vagante (Steam/PC) -Into the Breach (Steam/PC)

News: -Monster Hunter World x Devil May Cry Collab and Deviljho DLC -Patch discussion

Hot Licks: -Call Me Tonight (anime) -Urban Square (anime) -Good Time - 4.5/5


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