December 28, 2017

Episode 56 - Simple 2000


Chris and Kinnon talk about the Steam sale, Simple 2000, and big scantily-clad ladies you shoot with a helicopter.


Steam sale:
-Oneshot - Undertale without fighting
-DrawPuzzle - logic puzzle
-Pinkman - like SMB
-Glass Masquerade - ?
-Blacksmith Hit - simple reaction game with multiplayer
-Masky - balance dance/swaying connection game

Movie time:
-Muppet Family Christmas

Games with buds:
-Golf With Your Friends
-GrimDawn (w/ Kinnon)



VR Zone:
-Superhot VR

Steam (rogue-like fest):
Darkest Dungeon
Golden Crone Hotel
Night in the Woods - Scott Pilgrim with Ironic Cats and Rad Mysteries
Stories Untold



-Project Highrise
-Holy Potatoes, We're in Space - FTL clone
-Hand of Fate
-Wolfenstein 2
-Grim Dawn
-Forza Horizon 3


Check it out!
-Simple 2000 - The Kyonshi Panic (PS2)
-Simple 2000 - The Daibijin (PS2)
-Simple 2000 Series Vol. 52: The Chikyuu Shinryakugun ~Space Raiders~ (PS2)


-if you played any Simple 2000 series games, let us know!


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