August 27, 2019

Episode 130 - Wreckfast

Chris, Kinnon, and Tim talk Sekiro, The Witness, Dragon Quest Builders 2, and WoW Classic.

It's a full house as Chris, Tim, Jackie, and Kinnon are all together, talking about Indies on the Switch, Dicey Dungeon, Dead Cells Updates, Monster Hunter Plans and Avengers Endgame

Childish Gambino - Feels Like Summer

Maki Ouguro - Slam Dunk! - Anata Dake Mitsumeteru

Chris is Back, and the triumvirate is back again, as we talk about what we did on vacation (sorta), what Chris did on his great Far East adventure, and we cover one of the best games of the year in Fire Emblem Three Houses, the OTHER best game of the year, Outer Wilds, a wild Japanese movie, Fly Me To The Saitama, and a whole lot of small reviews of games.  

The Great Outdoors - Raccoon Dance Instrumental
Fire Emblem Three Houses - Battle Theme

Jackie, Tim, and Kinnon break format and talk only about the movie that Jackie made us promise to watch, and it was literally not half bad.

Blackway and Black Caviar - What's Up Danger - Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse Version
Yuki Hayashi - My Hero Academia - You Say Run

Jackie, Kinnon, and Tim talk about the Marvel Cinematic Universe (well, Captain Marvel, Guardians vol 2, Thor Ragnarok, Doctor Strange) for a major chunk, and still find time to talk about Ultimate Alliance, Dead Cells, and some Void Bastards

Kavinsky - Nightcall

Capcom vs SNK 2 - This is True Love Makin'

It's the Jackie and Kinnon show, and we somehow didn't completely fall apart into an Anime-cast!  This week, we talk about Calgary and world travel, then dive into Dr. Mario Mobile, Time Spinners, Xbox GamePass, and handheld game histories.

HEARTBEAT - Nathalie

Dr Mario - Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Kinnon, Tim, and Jackie are here to talk about Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night and what we look in exploration games, Spiderman PS4 talk, September Choices, Judgement and why it's the ideal jumping on point to experiencing the Yakuza series

London Grammar - Leave the War with Me
ALEXANDROS - "Arpeggio" (アルペジオ) (Theme from Judgement)

Chris and Kinnon talk about Chinese Parents and Outer Wilds.

Chris, Kinnon, and Tim talk about Xbox Game Pass, Tim's Isaac mod, and Nintendo's E3 Direct.

Chris and Tim talk E3 2019, drop a hot lick about the Mexican eShop, and make some upcoming game cost predictions.

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